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Some major projects are owned by our previous and current respective clients/employers.
This site and other materials like printed portfolios are not giving the complete project details to protect the property .

Special Projects

DESK INVETORY PRO (Ver. 1-3) 2004- 2007. A desktop applications created using Visual Basic projects.

APPSDEV.NET - An enthusiast Solution Developer with expertise in building desktop software, mobile applications and web enterprise solutions.

This site is manage by APP (Allan Pojas Paraiso), an art builder, who like to showcase the hidden beauty of a well crafted-software.

More about APP?

a .NET developer equipped with about 9 years of extensive developement experiences and over dozens of successful projects implemented. Currenly employeed to an International Online Game (PC - MMORPG ) company.

"I enjoy solving problems and love to formulate, experiment and excute things."

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