a Full-Stack Developer

tech-stack: { VS, MVC, .NET, Java, MSSQL-EF, MYSQL, Web API, Bootstrap, Unity, Android, IOS, Agile, TFS}
tech-build: { Web Applications, Mobile App/Games, Automations, Cloud (DB/ Hosting), Desktop Application}

Some projects with sole proprietorship by former and current clients/employers, portfolios and other printed materials ​ does not contain the project’s complete detail requirements to protect their privacy and its property.

Special Projects

DESK INVENTORY PRO (Ver. 1-3) 2004- 2007. A desktop applications developed using Visual Basic projects.

Allan Pojas Paraiso - An enthusiasts, full-stack solution developer with expertise in building desktop software, mobile applications and web enterprise solutions.

APPSDEV.NET is a portfolio hub to showcase the hidden beauty of a well-crafted software.

More about APP?

A full-stack developer equipped with over 10 years of extensive development experiences and over dozens of successful projects implemented. Currently employed to an International Online Game (PC - MMORPG ) company.

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