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The projects inside the categories presented below are owned by our previous and current respective clients/employers. is not giving the complete project details to protect it's owner's property .

APPSDEV.NET - A family of enthusiast Software Developers with individual expertise in software, mobile and web development. The team is lead by senior partner APP (Allan Pojas Paraiso) who organized the network of professional developers to meet any possible requiremets to an IT Solutions project we need to engage..

A Web Presence, Application Services, Hosting and Infra? We got professionals to work for you. Although these professionals are also employed to thier respective companies, we can assure you project will be done on agreed schedule. Communication and development is not a problem as we are offering a Project Management Tool that you can access via Web or Mobile. (visit for more details). We are aiming to provide you a scalable IT Solutions under reasonable cost.

More about Senior Partner APP?

a .Net developer equipped with about 7 years of extensive experience and over dozens of successful projects implemented. Currenly employeed to an International Online Game (PC - MMORPG ) company.

"I enjoy solving problems and loved to experiment using new and available web technologies and latest development methodologies."

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